Ximphony - your resource for sound synthesis

Welcome to the Ximphony site. This web site is designed as a resource for investigation of the various forms of sound synthesis in use today, along with the various control systems that have been tried.

This site is organised into several sections, browsable using the menu bar on the left of your screen: Below is a brief summary of the variuos sections available at this time.

Site Summary:-

    Articles:- Articles on synthesis and sound production, including by the author of this site.

    Audio Examples:- A small selection of sound examples cited in the articles, many more can be found in the links section.

    Links to other sites:- A link to a page containing a vast array of information that was pointless to duplicate here.

    Synth Manufacturers:- Buying or browsing, here are a vast number of links to just about every current manufacturer.

    Synth Photos:- So you can see what they look or looked like - also contains short summary information on each synth.

- Edwin Beasant 2002